Friday, 8 December 2017

Unofficial CD32 Release - Digital Illusions Collection

Digital Illusions (now known as 'DICE' creators of the Battlefront and Battlefield series) were best known in the Nineties as the masters of Pinball games on any format for 4 years between 1992-1995 with their incredible Pinball trilogy of games, Dreams, Fantasies and Illusions.

Now for the first time, CD32 owners can play all 3 of their Pinball classics on disc, and best of all controlled with a Joypad! Along with those classics, their other two Amiga games Benefactor and Amiganoid are of course included. (It is recommended you read the readme file included for playing instructions)

Menu Screen

The games on the disc are;
  • Amiganoid - Released as 'Freeware' 1993
  • Benefactor - Published by Psygnosis 1994
  • Pinball Dreams - Published by 21st Century Entertainment 1992
  • Pinball Fantasies - Published by 21st Century Entertainment 1992/3
  • Pinball Illusions - Published by 21st Century Entertainment 1995

In the download is the game ISO, Audio files, Readme file and Cover Artwork which is previewed here;

Thanks to the following other people for this release;
Pinball Dreams - Galahad for the WHDLoad Slave
JOTD (CD32Load)
Creators of WHDLoad

Can be downloaded HERE for a short time, after which it will only be on the EAB FTP server in the 'uploads/cd32' folder.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

CD32 Advent - 8th December Reminder!

Just readying *cough* i mean Santa will deliver the next CD32 Christmas treat 9am tomorrow morning UK time, check back then little scamps to see what he has delivered!

Friday, 1 December 2017

Unofficial CD32 Release - Hudson Soft : Amiga Collection

The first disc in my Christmas countdown, is only small but lovingly formed, containing all 3 of Hudson Soft's games for the Amiga, and all being amazing games that they deserved a silver platter to themselves.

All games have two button support with the CD32 pad, whilst I've included 'Cheat' versions of Dyna Blaster and Yo! Joe! on the disc for those who require a little help, B.C.Kid is not left out with a cheat mode you can enter if you follow the instructions on the included readme file in the download.

 Menu Screen
The games on the disc are;

B.C Kid - PC Engine conversion Licensed by Hudson Soft, 1992
Dyna Blaster - PC Engine conversion Licensed by Hudson Soft, 1992
Yo! Joe! - Published by Hudson Soft, 1993


Box Art

Thanks to the following people for this release;
WHDLoad Slaves Written by;

B.C Kid - Mr.Larmer & Wepl & JOTD
Dyna Blaster - Psygore
Yo! Joe! - Codetapper
Creators of WHDLoad & JTOD - for CD32Load

Can be downloaded on the EAB FTP server in the 'uploads/cd32' folder.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Chimbo Treatage

It's nearly that time of year again, festive get-togethers, stuffing your face full of goodies and making yourself skint, all in name of festive spirit!

Have you been a bad non-gender homo sapien this year? If not, then Santa won't bring you any presents this year, worry not little scamp, AmigaJay has been busy creating some new CD32 game discs for you to download and enjoy this Christmas!

Every Friday in December there will be a new CD32 disc for you to download and play some top quality retro classics sitting by the fire sipping on your grandpas moonshine.

I'll be back on the 1st December with the first of these sweet treats, until then, button up, mittons on and eat your sprouts.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Unofficial CD32 Release - Puzzle Collection

Time for a new stock CD32 release, this is another one i started last year and for whatever reason didn't get finished back then. The disc itself is a collection of 58 commercial and PD/Shareware games across various puzzle genres.

Menu Screen

Atomino / Atomix / Blockhead 2 / Candy Puzzle CD32 / Chips Challenge
Clock Wiser CD32 / Curse Of RA, The / Dimos Quest / Drachensteine / Extasy
Gear Works / Gem'X / Globulus / Humans 1-2 CD32 / Humans 3 CD32
Jumping Jack'son / Kiros Quest / Klax / Lettrix / Lost Vikings, The CD32
One Step Beyond / Minskies AGA / Minskies ECS / Morph CD32 / Pick 'n Pile
Pinomania / Pipe Mania / Plotting / Push Over / Puzznic
Qix / Revelation / Shanghai / Spot / Stack Up
Stone Age / Super Gem'Z / Super Loopz AGA / Super Skweek / Tangram
Time Lock / Vital Light CD32 / Volfied / X-It / Zyconix

Ami Mind / Atoms / Doktor /Dr. Mario / Dragon Tiles AGA
Flag Catcher / Jelly Quest / Power Tetris / Squigs / Step Five AGA
Super Foul Egg / Tetris Pro / Tritus / Twintris

Full credits for whdload slaves are in the ReadMe included in the download which is on the EAB FTP server.